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SUSEN - The Sustainable Energy project

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Capacity for Ideas

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We are a research organisation concentrating on research, development and innovation in the energy sector, primarily nuclear.


The research infrastructure SUSEN, two research reactors and a set of experimental equipment (probes and loops) form the backbone of the research infrastructure of the company. This makes us able to participate in sophisticated research projects and participate in the development of new technologies for GEN IV and the fusion reactor.


Research and Development

Research and development in CVŘ is focused on the areas of nuclear energy, nuclear reactors physics, chemistry and materials. The results are used in service for both Czech and foreign organizations.


Training, Education

CVŘ as a knowledge based research organization spreads nuclear technology related knowledge by organizing courses and trainings for universities and industry stakeholders. We keep an “open doors” policy towards the public and particularly in the relation to schools and universities. Research reactors LVR–15, LR–0 and the experimental loop hall are visited each year by hundreds of students. The aim of CVŘ is to support technological education among the young generation.


Commercial Services

Our commercial offer is a set of irradiation services for pharmaceutics and industry as well as Neutron Activation Analysis.
CVŘ provides design services for power generation.
A dedicated team of experts specialises in computational codes with extensive experience.
As a certified company CVŘ can offer the services of documentation and certification.


Design Department

Design and development of equipment for nuclear power generation is a specific area, in which CVŘ makes maximum use of its experience in supply for various projects, especially for the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) in France. It can process a set of services from design, through prototype creation to final delivery.