In SUSEN Diagnostic centre we analyse materials for Gen IV nuclear reactors which were tested in extreme conditions

The scanning electron microscope located in CVŘ Diagnostic centre is used for the fabrication of thin specimens suitable for analysis on the transmission electron microscope (TEM). The specimens, made by using the focused ion beam (FIB lamellas) in the chamber

Ambassador of Japan on his visit in Řež

H.E. Kaoru Shimazaki, the ambassador of Japan, was interested in cooperation between ÚJV Řež and the Research Centre Řež with his country during his visit in Řež. The presence of the Head of  the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic,

ČEZ Management Meeting 2017 has emphasised the importance of the SUSEN infrastructure for the ČEZ Group

Completion of the building part of SUSEN project in the Research Centre Řež was put among the greatest achievements of the ČEZ Group in 2017 by Daniel Beneš, chairman of board of directors and managing director of ČEZ a.s. In

The Week of Science and Technology was concluded in Řež

During the second week of November the greatest scientific festival in the Czech Republic, organised by the Czech Academy of Sciences, was held for the 17th time. More than 500 events were carried out all over the Czech Republic. Research

The Pilsen NDT Laboratory will use pulse thermography for testing

The Pilsen Nondestructive Testing Laboratory has put in place a thermovision inspection system that works on the principle of pulse thermography – it evaluates the behavior of the body when receiving thermal energy from flash and its re-radiation to the

Meet the ATMEA1 reactor – invitation for a seminar

The Czech Nuclear Society, ÚJV Řež and the Research Centre Řež invite you to a seminar on ATMEA1 reactor, which will take place on Thursday 9th November 2017 from 9.15 am at the ÚJV Řež Conference Centre, Hlavní 130, 250

Training on Beryllium Mock-up Cleaning and Smear Test on HELCZA

HELCZA team members had a first experience “of beta operation with a full kit-bag” with cleaning of beryllium samples and smear tests for monitoring of loosen beryllium dust particles. Those procedures are going to be a routine when HELCZA starts

The manipulator Valentin will be checking the turbine blades

At Pilsen Nondestructive Testing Laboratories, manipulator Valentin development has been completed to look for cracks on the blades of low-pressure parts of steam turbines. The manipulator uses a flexible eddy current probe to measure a stable probe pressure on the

24 September 1957, 11:52 p.m.

60 years ago, exactly on 24 September 1957 at 11:52 p.m.,the last of the overall 26 fuel cassettes was inserted into the first Czechoslovak nuclear reactor VVR-S. The first controlled nuclear fission chain reaction was performed in Řež and Czechoslovakia

Nuclear Technologies for 21st Century – International Conference in Řež

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