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Developing a Knowledge Base in TSO

Research Center Rez within the frame of the programme of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MSMT) “Development of the Knowledge Base in the Field of Nuclear Safety Assessment” (Operational Programme – Education for Competitiveness), has opened a tender for two postdoctoral positions:

1. Specialist in the field of applied research in the area of combined use of probabilistic and deterministic methodologies for assessing safety margins of nuclear power plants

2. Specialist in the field of fuel behaviour in design-based and severe accidents of nuclear reactors.

The project is aimed at creating conditions for the development of research activities in support of an independent (state-controlled) assessment of nuclear safety, as a strategically important multi-disciplinary field of research and development in the energy sector. Specifically, the project addresses the support of the younger generation of scientists with their professional development and education through a systematic plan for the development of knowledge and skills in the above key thematic areas. The ultimate goal of the project is an extension of the expert scientific and technical support team for state supervision of nuclear safety with a focus on advanced nuclear energy resources and their safety evaluation.

Status of the project

Key Activity 1: Develop a team of researchers TSO

The project has been initiated by a selection process for the above positions. From registered applicants Ing. Guido Mazzini Ph.D. from University of Pisa (Italy) was selected as the only candidate – for the position of the specialist for fuel behavior in design and beyond design basis accidents at nuclear reactors. The second position for the area of the combined use of probabilistic and deterministic methodologies for evaluation of safety margins of nuclear power plants has remained vacant.

Since the very beginning of the project Dr. Mazzini established an active working contacts with organizations abroad. During his mission to Pisa University Dr. Mazzini where he participated in the annual meeting of CAMP (Code Applications and Maintenance Program) community of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission he also visited his former laboratory at the University. Objectives of CAMP meetings is to exchange experience of users of the Americans codes, such as RELAP, TRACE and PARCS, in simulating various scenarios of nuclear power plants accidents. During his second mission Dr. Mazzini visited the French Institute IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire) on the occasion of the annual meeting of the users of the French code ASTEC for severe accident analysis for nuclear power plants. Newly established working contacts with partners abroad will be used for faster implementation of the above mentioned computer codes in CVR.

Key Activity 2 – Support for verification of theoretical knowledge in practice

Dr. Mazzini is currently supporting as an assistant-consultant 5 young employees of the Centrum výzkumu Řež (CVR) in working on their bachelor’s, master’s and PhD thesis. The focus of his consulting activities are applications of computational codes TRACE, PARCS, ATHLET, SCALE, etc. for modeling various accident scenarios on the NPP Temelin, experimental SCWR-FQT loop for reactor LVR-15 and future fast gas-cooled reactor ALLEGRO. Dr. Mazzini also provides an important methodological support for the TSO section of the CVR in the project “Research, prevention and management of severe accidents in Czech Republic in connection with new results of stress tests after the Fukushima accident”. This project is sponsored by Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic under its security research.

Dr. Mazzini takes part on meetings within the EURATOM FP7 projects, in particular in the projects GOFASTR, ALLIANCE, ARCADIA, etc. where he represents the CVR TSO section with the aim to exchange the knowledge with other project participants and contribute to the resolution of the projects. Currently, Dr. Mazzini is registered for the Junior Staff Programme Summer Workshop 2013 of the ETSON association (European Technical Safety Organizations) in Vilnius which will focus on the issues related to NPP severe accidents and accident management.

Among specific outcomes of the project one can mention 20 presentations each for university students and young co-workers of the TSO section of Centrum výzkumu Řež. Examples of presented topics are listed below. In addition Dr. Mazzini provides a continuous consulting support to CVR staff members involved in the project “Sustainable Energy – SUSEN”.

Mission Report on the 5th ASTEC Users’ Club Meeting
Short Introduction on MELCOR and ASTEC codes
Possible Involvement of TSO in SCWR Project
Introduction to Severe Accident (SA) Phenomenology

Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0026