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Technology Tours


CVR offers the public an opportunity to visit its research facilities, such as nuclear reactors LVR-15 and LR-0 and the experimental loops hall. If requested, a visit to other Rez facilities (accelerators, hot cells, …) is also possible.

Typical visitors come from Czech and foreign schools and universities, although nuclear professionals and enthusiasts’ groups are also frequent. Application guidelines for visitors is accessible on the NRI web pages.

Annually, during early November, the The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic announces an “open doors day” for any interested people to visit most of the facilities in the Rez area. The popularity of this event is growing every year with hundreds of people now visiting the facility.

Guided Tour Request

In the case of interest of guided tour on our reactors or experimental loops please send the request to the email address:
In the request, please don’t forget to state:

  • date of the planned tour – including time specification (start and time reserved for the tour, maximal duration of a tour is 3 hours);
  • quantity of participants (maximally 25 people);
  • defining type of participants (school level – secondary or tertiary / field of study) – in the case of participation of the students of secondary education level, one person is required per 15 students to provide supervision of pupils;
  • the name of the organization;
  • specific interest behind tour;
  • language required for guiding;
  • required form and contact for tour confirmation (address, email address, phone number).

In the case of clash of several requests, students of tertiary education within technical field of study have priority.

The participants of the tour have to be over 15 years old. To enter the facility there is necessary to identify himself or herself with valid ID card or passport. Pregnant women are not allowed to enter the “controlled area” zone within radiation protection. There is open a small canteen over the day in front of the facility for small refreshment.