The LOCA vessel pressure test was a success

A necessary requirement for the completion and commissioning of the LOCA technology (Loss Of Coolant Accident) is to perform statutory pressure test of the LOCA vessel. This test was successfully completed on February 24th 2016. The LOCA technology is a device for severe accident simulations on the next generation NPPs and is a yet another technology developed under the SUSEN project within CVR. The pressure vessel with a volume of 3 500 l is one of the largest in the Europe for such purposes. During the testing, the vessel was under given pressure of 4,9 MPa and after commissioning it will be scheduled in the third quarter of the year for testing specimens to extreme thermodynamic conditions, such as high temperature, pressure and exposure to kill solution. Typical test objects will be e.g. electric cables, bushings, motors, etc. which can be inserted through the openings in the lid and the side flanges of the high pressure vessel and during the test they are electrically measure a burden or their electrical properties.