The ČÉZAR 2016 award goes to the Řež valley

The annual awards for the best employees of CEZ Group – ČÉZAR, awarded by Daniel Beneš, chairman of ČEZ, inc., has gone to Ing. Michal Košťál, Ph.D., a researcher at the Center research Rez. Dr. Košťál was nominated by the NRI general director Karel Křížek, alongside with Martin Ruščák, director of the Research Centre Řež.

During an informal meeting, the director Karel Křížek especially praised the work of Michal Košťál for processing a number of projects. These include measurements of neutron flux on the VVER 1000 reactor models for more accurate calculations of the durability of TNR and other components. The results are the basis for the qualified lifetime extension of at least 10%. It is interesting, that the conservative financial contribution is, in the case of achieving the above savings, to quantify the amount of over 100 million CZK per each VVER 1000 block. He made a unique measurement of 23Na(n,2n)22Na cross section for the International Reactor Dosimetry Fission and Fusion Files. The results were recently published in the prestigious journal Applied Radiation and Isotopes. He has published 30 articles in journals, thereby contributing to the increase in institutional support for the CVR about 5 mil. Czech Crowns.

In addition, Dr. Michal Košťál has been active for many years in the position of Associate Editor of the Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science (University of Ontario), which focuses on all aspects of the nuclear sector. Among his tasks in the newsroom it belongs to the area of ​​reactor physics and experiments. For us, it may be interesting that the editorial team also works Mrs. Lin-Wen Hu, who leads the reactor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).