The Biennial Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2016) for the first time in the Czech Republic

29th Symposium on technologies for fusion SOFT 2016 held from September 5 to 9, 2016 in Prague. For the organization of the symposium were commissioned staff of the Institute of Plasma Physics ASCR, v. V. I. And the Research Centre Řež  – Institutions within the Czech Republic's long-term engaged in the research of fusion and fusion technologies.

This year's symposium was attended by a thousand scientists, engineers, industry representatives and exhibitors from around the world. SOFT 2016 alongside scientific presentations and posters also included accompanying exhibition of industrial companies and research institutions – everything was dedicated to the latest findings, results and plans in the field of technologies for thermonuclear fusion.

Within the technology of excursions Symposium program also included, attended by several participants also work CVŘ in Řež and experimental hall in Plzeň. They visited the research reactor LVR-15, the new hot cells and the center of highly sensitive analytical instruments, respectively. equipment for testing high heat flux HELCZA a mock-up TBM platform.