Training on Beryllium Mock-up Cleaning and Smear Test on HELCZA

HELCZA team members had a first experience “of beta operation with a full kit-bag” with cleaning of beryllium samples and smear tests for monitoring of loosen beryllium dust particles. Those procedures are going to be a routine when HELCZA starts to high heat flux testing of first walls panels. Once meeting required criteria, panels are going to be installed inside ITER fusion reactor.

Team members were dressed in special multi-layer suits including a special helmet with air supply for breathing and air cleaning. Cleaning and smear test practise was performed on beryllium containing mock-ups which served in the past as a development predecessor of first wall panel development. Nowadays, these mock-ups are part of a beryllium recycling program.

The next stage of beryllium testing shall be performed with a so called first wall semi-prototype which is currently ready for its transport on HELCZA site of CVŘ.