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Vývoj komponent pro rychlé reaktory a pro aplikaci v jaderné fúzi

Objective of this project is to develop a design and also to procure a hermetically sealed, high temperature resistant components for nuclear reactors dealing with heavy liquid metals.
Primary goal is to develop mechanical pump for fission and fusion field use. Pres-selected designs will be evaluated by CFD codes and the chosen most successful concept will be manufactured and tested in real environment of heavy liquid metals (HLM). Secondary outcome will be validation of CFD models and calculations for such specific conditions.
Third objective is the development and testing of hermetic, high temperature resistant valves in HLM environment.

Participants: MPOWER Engineering, a.s., a SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o.

The TA04020841 Project is solved with financial support from TA ČR.

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