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Materials for advanced nuclear reactors and further applications in energy

The project is aimed at ceramic and metal construction materials for advanced nuclear reactors cooled by helium (VHTR, GFR) and water with supercritical parameters (SCW) and further systems in energy the working medium of which reaches high temperatures. Verification of resistance will be done in the framework of the project as well as verification of the qualities of such materials during long-term exposure in the working medium; methods for evaluation of materials degradation will be developed and optimized, modified ceramics materials will be developed with the aim to reach better resistance as will be components for experimental appliances for research of advanced nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic. One of the goals of the project is also comparison of endurance of high temperature alloys supplied by the foundries (virgin material) with the same alloys produced from returned material after production of high temperature components by method of melting model. In case a similar and/or conforming endurance is established such discovery might lead to considerable savings in production of components for high thermal energy system.

Further participants in the project are the companies ESTCOM CZ – oxidová keramika a.s., Prague Casting Services a. s., ÚJV Řež, a.s. and VŠCHT.

The project TA03010849 is solved with financial support from TA ČR.

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