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Research Reactors

The Centrum výzkumu Řež operates two experimental reactors: LVR-15 and LR-0. Both installations together with associated research laboratories make up a large-scale integrated infrastructure, ensuring research and development activity in the field of nuclear research, nuclear energy and those who use irradiation. Both reactors are included in the ESFRI roadmap, and the LVR-15 is among the five largest reactors in Europe included within a framework of international co-operation, in which leading research is conducted with world-class results and whose projects are run under the OP VaVpI program (Operational Programme of Research and Development in Innovation). In addition they allow training of research workers, education of students and co-operation with the industrial sector. For this reason the experimental facilities of these reactors are in systematic use by both domestic and international users.


Research Reactor LVR-15

The LVR-15 reactor is a light water tank type research reactor placed in a stainless steel vessel under a shielding cover, with forced cooling, IRT-4M fuel and an operating power level of 10 MWt. The LVR-15 reactor is a universal research installation which is utilised as a multifunctional neutron source for:

  • materials research – principally irradiation of materials samples, both for currently operational energy reactors and also for planned GIV and fusion reactors
  • irradiation experiments aimed at research into the behaviour of materials under simultaneous effects of chemical environmental parameters and radiation (water-cooled systems, liquid-metal systems, molten-salt based media, gas-cooling)
  • basic research on neutron clusters in the horizontal channels leading from the reactor for the study of the structure and physical properties of materials (neutron optics diffractometry, study of the residual charge of materials etc.) and research for medical applications
  • research and production of radiopharmaceuticals for therapeutic and diagnostic applications,
  • neutron activation analysis
  • neutron radiography

Detailed description of LVR-15 reactor


Experimental Reactor LR-0

The experimental LR-0 zero-power reactor is a nuclear installation which provides an experimental and scientific technological facility for experiments in the field of active zone physics and shielding of light water reactors (e.g. types VVER, PWR). It also provides experiments concerning the storage of spent fuel from nuclear power stations and prospective trends in nuclear power generation. The research is focussed primarily on:

  • integral (benchmark) experiments for the preparation and operation of reactors
  • research on the influence of new reactor materials on the critical parameters of the active zone
  • mixed-field gamma-neutron radiation dosimetry
  • verification of computer codes used for existing and new types of energy reactors

Detailed description of LVR-0 reactor

Development of Neutron Facilities

The project “Ex-core installations for neutron flow measurement and safety functions of nuclear reactors” is in progress during the period 2012–2015. It is being financed by the TIP MPO program, whose principal administrator is a company called dataPartner s. r. o., of which Centrum výzkumu Řež is co administrator and contributing to the project through its know-how in the field of control systems of nuclear research reactors. The submitted project deals with the development of new functional samples of ex-core equipment, classified as class A under the norm ČSN IEC 61226.

The main innovative goal is to establish the correct methodology along with the development and production of a new functional sample of neutron instrumentation equipment qualified for category A functions (under ČSN IEC 61226) in such a way that the equipment produced for measuring neutron flow and providing safety functions can be used on a global level. A starting point will be the already-realized item of apparatus classified as class BT – 2 (legally defined by article 132/2008 Sb. SÚJB – in Czech lang.) and hitherto acquired knowledge and experience in this field.