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Reactor Technics

For safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants it is essential thoroughly to qualify constructional materials using experiments and physical-neutron and hydro-thermal calculations. To deal with this issue, the activities of Centrum výzkumu Řež cover a wide range of fields, such as:

  • Thermal-hydraulic and neutron analysis of reactor and experimental facilities.
  • Thermal-hydraulic modelling of operational conditions, that may occur in nuclear or electric heat source equipped facilities using water (in one phase, or two phase state), inert gases or liquid metals as heat transport mediummedia.
  • Transport and manipulation with radioactive matter.
  • Transport of radioactive matter with various activation levels, including fuel assemblies of research reactors with fresh or used fuel.
  • Practical experience within Czech Republic and also international environment.
  • Reactor dosimetry (neutron and gamma irradiation) and activity measurement.
  • Neutron spectra and fluence measurements.
  • Service for neutron capture and irradiation therapy.
  • Biologic samples and organic matter irradiation by epithermal neutron beam.
  • Assessment of fast neutron fluences in reactor pressure vessel and internals, supported and corrected by calculations.
  • Experimental assessment of fast neutron fluences of measurements behind the reactor pressure vessel.
  • Experimental assessment of fast neutron fluences of measurements in surveillance program chambers of pressurized water reactors (PWR/VVER).
  • Criticality calculations.
  • Criticality calculations of used fuel storage and containers for used fuel transport.
  • Inventory of the used fuel material composition calculations, assessment of alfa, beta, gamma, neutron and heat sources coming from decomposition of fission products, actinides and activated constructional parts of fuel assemblies, assessment of neutron sources.
  • Experimental assessment of the neutron and gamma distribution in WWER-440 and WWER-1000 types of NPP from reactor pressure vessel to biological shielding.
  • Thermal-hydraulic calculations for design of irradiation channels with water, supercritical water, high temperature helium, supercritical CO2 or liquid metals environment.
  • Isotopic emitters’ neutron fields measurement.