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Operation of Nuclear Units Support

A strong background in the form of experts in the field of reactor physics enables collaboration on research and development in the area of operation support and new nuclear facilities construction. Reactor physics is the starting point for the reactor technologies development, because from the reactor physics parameters and analysis arise other "engineering" issues and topics such as fuel construction, materials engineering, chemical regimes, etc.

CVR is an important partner in a number of surveillance programs and LTO for nuclear facilities. In collaboration with other members of the ÚJV Řež we provide research facilities for the entire life cycle of in-pile experiments (design, implementation and evaluation): design and construction of experimental loops and irradiation channels; ensuring the operation, design and construction of instrumentation; design and monitoring of chemical regimes; ensuring of production, modification, manipulation and analysis of tested samples; expert evaluation and finally the preparation of proposals and arrangements. Of course, there is regular reporting on the progress of the experiment and the final presentation of achieved results with the possibility of their practical application.

We have long experience in corrosion analysis, transportation activities and chemical regimes analysis supported by a number of projects.

We pursue long-term monitoring of fuel for nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and we actively carry out regular inspections and measurements on fuel assemblies at the Temelín power plant.

Lastly, but equally important,, is the cooperation we have with a number of universities where we train young engineers in energetics and research – training and education.