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Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools

AR pond – 2003 inspection

An at-reactor pond (AR pond) is located in the reactor hall and serves as an interim spent fuel storage as well as for handling fuel from the reactor core during the reactor outage or under off-load refuelling. The capacity of the AR pond is 60 places for fuel assemblies, 30 of which are held empty for emergency fuel movements from the reactor core.

A reactor annex pond with a total capacity of 100 assemblies is located on reactor sites near the reactor hall.

Characteristics of at Reactor Pond – AR Pond

Liners material Al alloy
Width 0.84 m
Length 2.84 m
Depth 4.00 m
Capacity 60 assemblies
Racks Al alloy
Grid distance 150 mm

Physical condition of AR pond

  • AR pool was inspected in 1996 and 2008
  • Corrosion of liners was detected – pits with depth 3–4 mm
  • Thickness of the wall is 13 mm
  • The next inspection was planned for 2012

AFR1 Reactor annex pond A

The Reactor annex pond with a total capacity of 80 assemblies is located on the reactor site near the reactor hall in the annex of the reactor hall.

Liners material Stainless steel
Width 1.20 m Length 2.00 m Depth 6.00 m Capacity 80 assemblies Racks Cd, Al sandwich (2 of 4 walls) Grid distance 130 mm