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Nuclear Waste Management

Management of low and intermediate level radioactive waste

Nuclear waste management

Research and development activities at Centrum výzkumu Řež. focus on the treatment and conditioning of low and intermediate level radioactive waste (LILW). The research infrastructure for this R&D activity is funded by the SUSEN project (SUStainable ENergy; see The project will consist of semi-scale pilot plant research technologies and include the installation of:

  • High efficiency evaporator for concentration of liquid radioactive waste from nuclear power plant production
  • Bituminisation extruder to compare fixation of liquid radioactive waste to different types of bitumen matrices
  • Molten salt oxidation (MSO) for the oxidation of radioactive waste in the molten salts (Na2CO3)
  • Air treatment systems to safely treat off-gasses from high-temperature treatment of radioactive waste (MSO, incineration)

Deep Geological Repositories

Nuclear waste management

Centrum výzkumu Řež is also focusing its R&D activities on the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) management. Under the framework of the SUSEN project, new laboratories will be built for anaerobic corrosion tests of construction materials for SNF storage containers. These laboratories will be equipped with state of the art anaerobic glove boxes to ensure anaerobic conditions during the experiments. Research will also be performed to examine the radionuclide behaviour in the rock formation and will examine such issues as the diffusion of radionuclides through different rock materials. The laboratory will have a sample capacity of up to 3 tons.

Spent Fuel Reprocessing

CVR is also pursuing R&D activities related to the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel (SNF). Currently, research of a technology for the pyrochemical reprocessing of SNF by fluoride volatility process is being pursued. To research pyrochemical reprocessing, a new semi-scale plant (FERDA 2) will be installed in the hot cell for experiments with irradiated uranium oxide. This R&D activity is also funded through the SUSEN project.

Nuclear waste management