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Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Effective knowledge transfer within the energy sector

The submitted project is focussed on deepening co-operation and strengthening communication between tertiary education subjects, research organizations and the industrial sector.

The main aim of industrial placement and professional experience as the main activity of the project is the preparation of qualified human resources for activities connected to research and development of advanced energy sources, including securing individuals for the energy industry on the basis of actual needs in the application sphere.

The project has been conceived with a view to reciprocal co-operation between key subjects from the energy sector and representatives from the academic sphere, who will add to more effective knowledge transfer in the field of prospective energy technologies in the direction from research and development through to experience and currently with knowledge transfer from that experience to the education process.

This co-operation will be realized by means of organisation and participation of target groups in professional seminars, conferences, workshops and other events, with the equal participation of leading domestic and foreign professionals engaged on the international circuit, on technological platforms and organisations in the field of energy.

A further aim of the project is the creation of project support offices (PSO) to ensure administrative support of the applicant. The main aim of the PSO will be to increase the potential when seeking financial support from foreign and domestic grant bodies to minimise the burden on scientific personnel.

Several reciprocally connected activities lead to the above project targets whose effects will be the following:

  • successful support of graduate placement and professional work,
  • participation in professional seminars, conferences, workshops, technology tours and competitions,
  • successful support of graduate educational and training activities,
  • purpose-built and fully functional project support office.

Total project budget
23 868 143,80 Kč

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