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Effective Infrastructure for R&D Commercialization

The objective of the presented project is to prepare commercialization of four innovative results developed over the past years using the funds for the development of research organization as well as to create an infrastructure for efficient transfer of these and other scientific-research results into application sphere. In this case, infrastructure means a team of specialists with clearly set links and processes enabling to use the existing mechanisms inside the receiver’s organization. The two most important links are the system of internal projects, through which the receivers generates, by institutional support funds for the development of research organization, innovative research results intended for commercialization, and the link to a large-scale investment OP R&D project SUSEN (Sustainable Energy), which will generate, with gradual start of the scientific phase of operation of the centre being established, the results in four predefined research programmes and which will partially depend, in the phase of sustainability, on commercialization receipts.

Whereas the processes related to the transfer of results into application sphere and related to the protection of intellectual property are in the current organizational structure solved across the organization, the main objective of the project is to concentrate and include such activities so that the established infrastructure could be systematically developed on a long-term basis. The implementation of four selected pilot individual activities is the first step for setting the functional processes and for preparing the team for the activity in the post-implementation phase of the project. Whereas the internal projects generate new topics for commercialization on a yearly basis, new results are taken into account during the project, the verification and preparation of which for commercialization will be handled by team within the project implementation.

Press Release: Centrum výzkumu Řež sets mechanisms for commercialization of R&D results