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Scientific Delegation IAEA Nuclear Data Section in Řež

Roberto Capote, the scientific head of International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Data Section Development Unit, discussed with our experts the usage of experiments performed in our reactors for validation of active cross-section used in reactor dosimetry during his visit of

The cooling water for reactors is produced by using the reverse osmosis

The production of the cooling water for both our reactors, LVR-15 and LR-0, has been being provided by the demineralization station for 6 years already. The inlet water with the conductivity of approx. 600 μS/cm is filtered on several stages

Safety is the priority

Research Centre Řež operates two research nuclear reactors, the safety of their operation has always been, and will be a clear priority. Part of the ongoing development in this area are meetings under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In

Ambassador of Japan on his visit in Řež

H.E. Kaoru Shimazaki, the ambassador of Japan, was interested in cooperation between ÚJV Řež and the Research Centre Řež with his country during his visit in Řež. The presence of the Head of  the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic,

24 September 1957, 11:52 p.m.

60 years ago, exactly on 24 September 1957 at 11:52 p.m.,the last of the overall 26 fuel cassettes was inserted into the first Czechoslovak nuclear reactor VVR-S. The first controlled nuclear fission chain reaction was performed in Řež and Czechoslovakia

Irradiation of the LEU targets in CVŘ

The LVR-15 reactor is one of the facilities where the radionuclides for medical purposes are produced. One of those radionuclides is technetium, which is used in many types of organs’ scanning devices and thus allows medical professionals to carry out

Successful basic criticality experiment done on LR-0 reactor

Contrary to the general impression, a critical state is not something to be feared of, when it comes to nuclear reactors. A critical state is such reactor condition, when the chain reaction is self-sustaining, in other words, number of neutrons