News – Generation IV

CVŘ has introduced the Energy Well project on a conference in Atlanta

The UJV Group presented the Czech SMR project, Energy Well, on the 8th Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 in Atlanta, USA. The conference is one of the most important world meetings on the issue of small modular

The Czech Energy Well FHR modular reactor at the SMR Summit in Atlanta, USA

The UJV Group presentation and the booth exposition will show next week (March 27-28, 2018) at the SMR Summit in Atlanta, USA the details of the conceptual design of the small modular fluoride cooled high temperature reactor.

CVŘ material experts awarded the highest prize at Nanobrücken 2018 meeting

Experts in the field of nanoindentation material testing were hosted at Erlangen-Nürnberg University on February 20.-22. for Nanobrücken 2018: „Nanomechanical testing“ conference.  Representatives of the Research Centre Řež’s workgroup Material Structures have presented the results from high temperature nanoindentation of

First milestone achieved: The FHR SMR conceptual design presented to the public

The UJV Group presented at the SMR conference in Prague on February 15 2018 results of the small modular reactor conceptual design project lead by the daughter company, Research Centre Řež. Under the brand name Energy Well, the new concept

New hot cells in Řež meet new demands for material research of irradiated materials

Research Centre Řež has opened operation in new hot cells dedicated to full set of testing of material mechanical properties and to material research. The innovative design fulfills all legal requirements and was granted by the State Office for Nuclear

CVŘ offers comprehensive services for the power industry

The second year of Science Research Innovation Conference was held in late February and early March of this year at Brno Exhibition Centre. They gathered representatives from science, academia, major industrial companies and government, who have thus created a platform

CVŘ testing sensors for ITER tokamak

A radiation probe for testing a LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) sensors for fusion reactor ITER has been designed and manufactured in the CVŘ under the contract for the Fusion for Energy. An important part of this contract was also

Conference Small Modular Reactors 2017 influenced by UJV Group

The third annual conference of Small Modular Reactors (SMR 2017), which took place on February 2, 2017 in Prague, was dominated by the UJV Group and proved to be a leading organization in the area of small modular reactors in

The works on Gen IV reactors in Řež

A significant step towards the realization of Gen IV reactors was carried out in our laboratories. They gathered experts and representatives of state institutions in the Czech Republic and the USA to become acquainted with the evaluation of the experiment