New cobalt emitter for SUSEN Gamma irradiation facility

On February 6th 2017 was the Gamma irradiation facility, built within the SUSEN project, equipped by a new cobalt emitter. Gamma irradiation facility is a part of a group of devices simulating possible severe accidents conditions of NPP – the other devices are High-voltage testing and LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident) equipment. Primarily is the irradiation facility used to irradiate the components, materials and samples at normal and elevated temperatures for heat radiation and aging, so as to simulate the operational conditions of NPP. Our device has a possibility to irradiate nor at normal and elevated temperatures, but also at cryogenic temperatures or, on the contrary, at high temperatures. The new facility will be able to irradiate small samples in a vacuum apparatus with a vacuum or in an inert atmosphere at temperatures of -196 °C to 400 °C. The activity of a new 60Co emitter will be 180 TBq. The facility also allows the radiation to modify the properties of non-metallic materials and to study the effect of gamma radiation on different systems, perform the sterilization of medical products and equipment, decontaminate different substances (broth, spices, etc.), treating objects from wood-destroying insects, stain the glass, etc.
The preparation for the commissioning of the Gamma irradiation facility culminates, in the coming period will follow the testing of parameters and operational staff training.
Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the end of April 2017.