International Conference “Utilization of SUSEN Technologies for the Gen IV Development” was held in Řež

On November 24th it was held in the Research Center Řež (CVŘ) a one day international conference entitled “Utilization of SUSEN technologies for the Gen IV development”.
Gen IV nuclear technologies, given their potential for a better fuel resources utilization, safety margins improvement and waste minimization potential, represent a research field of considerable interest for the international scientific community, including CVŘ which invested heavily on this research topic.
The conference was attended by presenters from universities, industry, research centers, European Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who delivered their presentations; the event involved therefore both national and international stakeholders. Among the several topics discussed there were an overview of the status of the Supercritical Water Reactors (SCWR) Technology, the challenges about heat transfer simulation capabilities in Supercritical Water coolants, the IAEA activities on Fast Reactor Nuclear Systems, the tools and methods for post-irradiation examination (PIE) of advanced nuclear fuels, the CVR facilities involved in Gen IV technologies, the available simulation tools in CVŘ for Gen IV deployment, the capabilities of the SUSEN Hot Laboratories, the current state of research and perspectives in the Czech Technical University of Prague, the use of the CO2 cycle for Gen IV reactors, and the activities of Škoda JS in Gen IV Technology.
At the end of the presentations, a poster session was held, during which the CVŘ research activities in the frame of the SUSEN technologies for Gen IV developments were promoted. Finally a technical visit was organized for interested guests, during which a tour in the Hot Cells Laboratory, the LR-0 and LVR-15 reactors and the materials research laboratories was offered.
The event represented a good opportunity for the scientific international community to meet, present the status and perspectives of the Gen IV technologies, exchange technical and scientific informations about the topic, discuss new ideas and possible joint efforts/cooperations for the future activities in this field. It is foreseen to release soon the conference proceedings.

All presentations you can download in pdf format HERE.