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Experimental Devices

Crucial for research and development of reactors were, still are and surely will be technological circuits – experimental loops for modelling of experimental conditions in the reactor core and the connected reactor cooling circuits. These loops allow mechanical, thermal-hydraulic, material, corrosion and further research at parameters and under operating conditions of the reactor concept under development. By placing a loop in the experimental reactor LVR-15, all the above-mentioned physical and chemical influences of reactor coolant are supplemented by radiation conditions.

Experimental data obtained in experimental loops are required for the development of different reactor types and for the expansion of existing knowledge about the behaviour of the parameters that can be used to improve computer codes, databases, material properties, etc. In the past, experimental data from LVR-15 reactor pressurized loops and boiling water loops was used. An important role these loops can now play is in extending the life of existing types of PWR, BWR and VVER reactors.

The development of new types of reactors is now turning to generation IV reactors and nuclear fusion. Generation IV reactors also include the pressurized water reactor with supercritical parameters – SCWR (Super Critical Water Reactor) and very high temperature helium reactor – VHTR. Fusion reactors are currently being developed at the ITER project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) with the aim to demonstrate the possibility of producing thermonuclear fusion power, unlike recent types of reactors that use nuclear fission, and DEMO – demonstration fusion power plant, which will be able to produce significant quantities of electricity and will be self-sufficient in the production of the required nuclear fuel, tritium.

Centrum výzkumu Řež is offering experimental loops, which can simulate the operating conditions of existing pressurized water reactors and boiling reactors, and also a new supercritical water loop – SCWL (Super Critical Water Loop) for simulation of the SCWR reactor’s conditions and a high temperature helium loop – HTHL to simulate the operating conditions of VHTR reactor. CVR is also equipped with a small loop, called MELILOO (MEtal LIquid LOOp), where the investigated medium is an alloy of lead and lithium – the working medium of the fusion reactor ITER, which contains a “nuclear fuel”: lithium. Nuclear reactions in the ITER reactor convert lithium to tritium: a true nuclear fusion fuel.

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