A Successful Full Power Test of the PFW Technology Electron Gun

On Thursday, 10th of December 2015, the general contractor NUVIA a.s. with the Research Centre Rez participation successfully carried out a full power test of the main component of PFW (Primary First Wall) technology – the electron gun. During the test, the electron beam was targeted on cooled copper sample and beam's power was gradually raised up to the maximum value of 800 kW.

The PFW Technology of SUSEN Project, in colloquially better known as HELCZA, is a device for a cyclic testing of materials by a high heat flux. The high heat flux is simulated by emission of the collimated electron beam on the tested material surface with maximum accelerated voltage 55 kV and maximum usable electron beam power 800 kW.

HELCZA device is controlled by using the monitor wall in a control room situated above the hall of the technology. The monitor wall will show the outcomes of diagnostic equipment and the complete control of entire technology takes place also in the control room.

HELCZA device will be largely used to test panels of the primary first wall of thermonuclear reactor ITER and for the development of new components resistant to extreme thermal stress.