First milestone achieved: The FHR SMR conceptual design presented to the public

The UJV Group presented at the SMR conference in Prague on February 15 2018 results of the small modular reactor conceptual design project lead by the daughter company, Research Centre Řež. Under the brand name Energy Well, the new concept of the molten salt cooled (FHR) SMR was presented.

The Energy Well small modular power plant is offering a unique solution to an increasing need of reliable power supply in remote areas. The combination of a long operating time, transportability and simplicity with a strong and unquestioning focus on safety make up for a large spectrum of use. Our objective is to bring a safe, easily transportable power plant to places of a need of a stable power source. All primary, secondary and tertiary circuits can be transported as individual units.

Major features:

  • Transportability
  • Three independent passive safety systems
  • System under atmospheric pressure
  • Robust passive safety supporting inherent features of the coolant

Reactor power: 20 MWt, 8.4 MWe
Fuel cycle length: 7 years
Fuel type: Prismatic TRISO fuel
Fuel enrichment: 15%
Primary coolant: FLiBe
Secondary coolant: NaFNaB
Tertiary coolant: Supercritical CO2