Dr. Jan Kysela – A true personality of the nuclear energy

Dr. Jan Kysela – A true personality of the nuclear energy

Both former, and his current colleagues agree that Dr. Jan Kysela, was a true nuclear professional! His sudden passing on Friday, 27. 11. 2015 left a void in both our working team and in the nuclear community.

He attended the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, Department of Inorganic Technology and graduated in 1966. A year later, he became part of the Nuclear Research Institute in Řež, where he started in the autumn of 1967 as the assistant engineer. In accordance to the former conventions, in order to move forward, not only he had to study and publish, but also have worked for years. In 1976 he becomes a scientific-technical worker and five years later the head of the department of irradiation experiments. In the same year of 1981, he defends his dissertation and obtained scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences (eq. to PhD). In 1993 he is appointed director of the division of reactor services, which included a research reactor LVR-15 and related experimental facilities.

Under his leadership and through his hard work in the international community in the field of nuclear research, in the 90’s he has managed to build some new experimental water loops and above all get projects for their use in the Czech Republic and abroad (Japan, Germany, USA, Russia). As a result, doubling the number of operating hours of LVR-15 reactor and has become an important facility for research and development in the field of nuclear technology. After year 2000, under his leadership built experimental facilities for high temperature tests such as in molten metals, helium and supercritical water and equipment to test materials for ITER fusion reactor.

Dr. Kysela has led also a project since 2002 to convert the LVR-15 to the low-enriched fuel and to remove the highly enriched fuel back to Russia. Spent nuclear fuel has been shipped from the NRI Řež in 2007 and 2013 while the conversion of the LVR-15 reactor was completed in the year 2011. Already in the following year, 2012, he has become the scientific director of the Research Centre Řež Ltd., where both reactors, LR-0 and LVR-15 became parts of the company’s portfolio. He has significantly contributed to the preparation of projects in the field of the Generation IV technology, Sustainable Energy Project (Sustainable Energy and SUSEN). He has greatly influenced the Czech research in the field of Generation IV nuclear reactors and nuclear fusion. He can be considered one of the founders of the field of fusion research in the Czech Republic. As a Scientific Director in Řež, he was involved in areas related to research and development in nuclear energy, reactor physics, chemistry and materials. He was in close contact and collaboration with research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic.

Besides working at the Nuclear Research Institute in Řež, and later at the Centre for Research Řež, he was also active in the field of publishing. Only in the library database of the NRI Řež itself there is nearly 200 articles registered since the nineties, the older ones would certainly traceable in other libraries. In the Web of Science, you will find 18 publications and 119 publications in INIS. His individual and team work always directed the nuclear technology and research to greater safety and efficiency of nuclear power, nuclear power plants and industries associated with nuclear energy.