CVŘ specialists perform regular fuel inspections at Temelín NPP

During a planned refueling outage of Temelín NPP Unit 2, the team of specialists from CVŘ performed inspections of the largest number of fuel assemblies so far. This was performed in frame of the project “NDT of FUEL“. The inspections were performed using the Fuel repair and inspection equipment (i.e. MSIO). The team inspected and measured 21 fuel assemblies. Monitored parameters were changes in geometry and overall state of inspected fuel assemblies with respect to their burnup and position in the core.
Obtained results are necessary for safety analyses and core designs.
Regular inspections of irradiated fuel assemblies at Temelín NPP are performed by the fuel vendor; the team of specialists from CVŘ and UJV works on independent evaluation of results and gives recommendation for further operation of the reactor.

The picture above displays the upper plugs of fuel rods.