CVŘ offers comprehensive services for the power industry

The second year of Science Research Innovation Conference was held in late February and early March of this year at Brno Exhibition Centre. They gathered representatives from science, academia, major industrial companies and government, who have thus created a platform for linking scientific research and application sphere for the transfer of research and development into practice and their commercialization.

As a part of the accompanying program of the Conference in Science, Research and Innovation 2017, on which the Director of Research and Development in Energy of CVŘ, Daneš Burket, presented a contribution on using the project SUSEN and research infrastructures in Řež in the mode for the participation of Czech industry and research in international innovative projects of nuclear technology. During the following workshop, Daneš Burket has introduced Centrum Výzkumu Řež as an organization offering comprehensive services for the power industry.

Visitors to the conference (our booth, conference and workshop) were particularly interested in our project to develop small modular reactors.