CVŘ Staff Meeting 2016

On the January 18th, the traditional staff meeting took place, alongside the CVŘ management and the UJV Director General. The purpose of this meeting was to summarize the results of year 2015 and give an outlook on goals of 2016. In the opening speech the CVŘ managing director, Martin Ruščák, underlined that 2015 was a key year for the management of the key risks – especially the technology purchases for the SUSEN project, achieving the project phasing and reaching a long term reactor operation stability. The success of CVŘ in obtaining the financing for company’s key infrastructures, the received nuclear fuel for the LVR-15 reactor and an important achievement of ensuring the sustainability of the project SUSEN with a combination of grants and contract research is a success for the whole team and CVŘ. The division directors informed about the course of the individual projects for the past year and their goals for the next. After the final discussion the managing director expressed the gratitude for the work done by the staff in the 2015. „It was challenging, yet we have stood the ground. In this year we face other difficult tasks ahead, especially the transfer from the technology developer to a company with can use such technologies effectively“concluded by the director, Martin Ruščák