Conference Small Modular Reactors 2017 influenced by UJV Group

The third annual conference of Small Modular Reactors (SMR 2017), which took place on February 2, 2017 in Prague, was dominated by the UJV Group and proved to be a leading organization in the area of small modular reactors in the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of the conference Karel Křížek, the CEO ÚJV Řež, emphasized the importance of research and development in the field of small modular reactors and other activities that are developed within the UJV Group. In the introduction to the technical part of the conference in a presentation SMR 2017 World, Evžen Losa gave an overview of the major events in the development of small reactors in the past year. About the direction of research in the field of SMRs in Europe and in the Czech Republic spoke a representative of the Research Centre Řež Václav Dostál. In his presentation, he focused on the currently developed and promising technology. Martin Ruščák, the managing Director of the Research Centre Řež introduced an ambitious project Energy Well aimed to the development of a Small Modular Reactor FHR as an industrial product. In his presentation, he covered the reasons on why the high-temperature reactor with fluoride salts (Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor – FHR) project is suitable for Czech technological development and proposed his progress and goals. Lucie Židová from the ÚJV Řež, a division Energoprojekt Praha presented work carried out to date in the feasibility study and tested a possible placement of SMR concepts in areas of existing fossil plants. Daneš Burket outlined in his speech views of the Czech Nuclear Society to the possible development of SMRs in the Czech Republic and strategies of the major players in the world.

In the final part of the conference there was a discussion over the topics presented in the conference which was overwhelmed in fact by the only topic – a project designed by UJV Group. From the very lively discussion showed that the proposed technology project Energy Well hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. The representatives of universities and participants from the industrial enterprises and colleagues from research organizations discussed in detail aspects of the project.

We believe that Small Modular Reactors Conference 2018 will be able to present a feasibility study of a small modular reactor with molten fluoride salt, for which we have already begun the work of the Research Centre Řež, and that we are not alone.