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Production of Radionuclides for Radiopharmacy

Radionuclides produced in the LVR-15 reactor comprise a significant proportion of radiopharmaceuticals in use in diagnosis and treatment in nuclear medicine. The irradiation service of the LVR-15 reactor contributes at the same time to research and development of new preparations, which are still subject to clinical testing. This includes nuclides which arise, such that the nucleus of the stable nuclide, which attracts a neutron (e.g. 90Mo, 131I, 153Sm, 166Ho, 177Lu, 186Re, 188Re).

Apart from this, highly enriched uranium is irradiated in reactor LVR-15, and 90Mo is produced by the fission process. Our Belgian partner, who operates one of only two such production lines in Europe, extracts 90Mo from these targets, which are then used in the production of Mo-Tc generators. Mo-Tc generator systems are a source of 99mTc, which is the most widely-used radionuclide in nuclear medicine worldwide.

The LVR-15 reactor is one of five European reactors which irradiate uranium for the production of 90Mo and is an important member of a global chain of producers of radiopharmaceuticals offering one of the world’s largest production capacities. Our Belgian partner values flexibility and a high number of reactor working days, which for them represents access to irradiative capacity.