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Neutron Radiography

Neutron transmission radiography represents a non-destructive testing method similar to classic x‑ray radiography, which nowadays often finds utilization in fields of industrial testing and applied research. The method is based on attenuation of the neutron beam passing through the examined object.  As different materials have different attenuation properties the information on the structure and properties of the examined object can be obtained.

Neutron radiography is not in direct competition with standard x-ray, often both methods supplement each other. Neutron radiation offers solutions in cases where x-rays reach their limits. By means of neutrons it is possible to identify light element materials, which form plastics or organic structures. In contrary, heavy element materials like lead, which are opaque for x-rays are nearly transparent for neutrons. Under these conditions neutron radiography can be successfully utilized for identification of light elements in metals.

Neutron radiography finds its application mainly in fields of material testing (composites, energy related materials, corrosion studies, building and structure materials – concrete, geopolymers), geology, biology, paleontology, cultural heritage protection, food and health industry, arms industry and others. The method is still developing, therefore, new ideas for its application are welcomed.

The LVR-15 reactor is the only facility of its kind in the Czech Republic offering unique non-destructive testing method of neutron radiography. There are only cca 25 facilities worldwide of this kind. The LVR-15 reactor facility offers two thermal neutron beams which are adapted for neutron radiography. One beam is designed for handling of larger samples (up to 5 kg) with a worse resolution (100 μm) and a second one designed for so-called micro-radiography of small samples with higher resolution (10 μm). Both beams are equipped with advanced pixel detectors, offering besides standard radiography also dynamic radiography and in a limited way also tomography.

The service may be offered either on a commercial basis or through open-access in cases of research proposals.

Contact person:
Jaroslav Šoltés (Head of the Neutron Physics dep)


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