ČEZ Management Meeting 2017 has emphasised the importance of the SUSEN infrastructure for the ČEZ Group

Completion of the building part of SUSEN project in the Research Centre Řež was put among the greatest achievements of the ČEZ Group in 2017 by Daniel Beneš, chairman of board of directors and managing director of ČEZ a.s.
In the opening report of the 15th ČEZ Management Meeting, which was held on the 15 November 2017, four bases of the new infrastructure were marked – the research programs Technological Experimental Circuits, Structural and System Diagnostics, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Material Research were stated to be research capacities of European importance.
Daniel Beneš has pointed out that the technologies of SUSEN project will significantly increase the competence of ČEZ Group in the area of research and development.