About the Site

About the Site

The Centrum výzkumu Řež  website contains several advanced functions.

This website is using WordPress CMS under the GPLv2 licence.

RSS channel

The RSS channel function is presented in ver. 2.0. This allows you to subscribe the news via RSS-readers e. g. Google Reader, available also in version for smartphones.

Using this you will always be well informed of breaking news about Centrum výzkumu Řež.

PDF printer

Ukázka služby Print Friendly

Each webpage can be printed or sent by e-mail or converted to PDF format. You decide which printer it should be. Use the Print Friendly button in the footer and choose the action: print, PDF conversion, e-mail.

GPX file

The GPX file is useful for GPS navigation devices. This file contains GPS coordinates of the RSR location as well as contacts and other basic information about our company.

Contemporary web technologies

We have embedded some tools (CSS3, microformats etc.) to meet the demands of current Internet users.


The latest CSS3 standard allows our web developers to create the specific look of the webpages in updated web browsers. This is only visible in the latest browser versions supporting the CSS3 code. CSS3 on Wikipedia.org.


Following the latest trends of web development we use tools for automatic text processing for some specific formats e.g. visiting cards (hCard microformat) and GPS coordinates (geo microformat). These microformats allow search engines to understand the meaning of semantic content (according to Web 3.0 concept) Semantic Web on Wikipedia.org.

Semantic Web on Wikipedia.org.

Google tools

To present the content in the most comfortable way we display some certain documents as a part of the webpage. Users are still able to download them but there is no need to download the document to see its content. This is enabled by Google Docs (publishing-on-web function) which is actually a document cloud-storage-and-management tool.

Valid cod

The website is made by professionals. The XHTML language standards are followed according to W3C. We pay the most attention to use valid code and to prevent mistakes. Valid coding allows web browser to display web pages correctly. This can be  checked by W3C validator.




Jan Trejbal

Tel. 266 172 451