A significant milestone in the hot cells construction

This year mid-April was achieved a significant milestone under the project SUSEN towards the realization of the construction of new hot cells. Original design was thanks to the excellent cooperation with the supplier carried out accurately according planned schedule.

The heart of every hot cell is a biological shielding, which is used for human and environmental protection against the effects of ionizing radiation produced by the irradiated material processed in the hot and semi-hot cells. The used unique design, which utilize steel as a shielding material, has enabled the construction of hot cells in record time under 300 days.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with CHEMCOMEX Praha, a.s., the planned schedule was fulfilled on time, despite the complexity of the construction of this ambitious project for more than 75 mil. CZK.

The cells and its shading effects are designed for the activity of 300 TBq. This is a level that securely covers all planned operations with the active material within the cells. Operators will be protected by a steel wall of 0,5 m large and and by a set of lead shielding glasses, called visors, thanks this the workers will be exposed only to the equivalent dose of 1,38 μSv/hour at a maximum activity of sample in the cell. The installation of visors and manipulators started immediately after completion of work on the biological shielding.

Research carried out in the complex of hot cells will be focused on nuclear power plants II., III. and IV. generation and on fusion technologies. This corresponds also to the instrumental equipment of the hot cells. Our cells will provide comprehensive services including the manufacturing of test specimens and their subsequent testing. The instrumentation has been chosen so that the manufacturing machines duplicate the technology used in the UJV Rez, a.s., with their substitution in the event of failure.
Testing machines on the contrary extend the possibilities of use of both workplaces within the Group UJV.