A new laboratory added to the SUSEN project research infrastructure

Yet another lab is going into operation within the framework of the Material Research of the SUSEN project. This lab is located in Plzeň and focuses on corrosion-mechanical testing of structural materials in the environment of heavy liquid metals.

Austrian manufacturer Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH has supplied three electromechanical machines, which are – thanks to the long term control of the force and deformation – able to perform creep tests, creep to the fracture and relaxation test, low cycle fatigue in combination with creep and the slow strain rate test. Deformation sensors can measure the elongation at rupture, cracks opening displacement or progression of crack propagation. These machines are used for testing in heavy liquid metals (Pb, PbBi) environment, which is why they are equipped with autoclaves allowing testing with up to 600 °C. Part of the autoclaves is a gas management allowing regulation of the oxygen content in the liquid medium.

The laboratory will be used for research activities under the project Research for SUSEN (R4S). It is been already used for dealing with corrosion embrittlement of heavy liquid metals related projects, such as a major European project MatISSE or a project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic KAMILE.