30 years of Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany

On February 12, 2015 it is exactly 30 years since the fission reaction in its first block was launched. NPP Dukovany was the most productive power plant in Czech Republic in years 2014 and 2013, even though the total installed nominal power performance at Dukovany is lower than the same parameter at NPP Temelín.
“NPP Dukovany is world renown not only due to a very good design, but also because of high skilled operation staff and professional maintenance team” said František Hezoučký, former “chief person for commissioning” of all Czechoslovak and Czech NPPs. Teams of experts, now covered by the Centrum výzkumu Řež, also contributed his work for the safe and reliable operation of NPP. Experts from the Centrum výzkumu Řež, among others, during the service lifetime of the NPP modificated the primary circuit water regime control and innovated practices in this area; now they provide the monitoring of the mixed field of neutron and gamma radiation in the area of concrete surveillance samples, the monitoring and evaluation of radiation doses in connection with the evaluation of the critical components lifetime and also participate in inspections of welds and in corrosion cracking detections.
A service life of NPP was planned for 30 years after commissioning, but, thanks to the work of experts from the CVR as well, it will serve much longer. Currently we talk about a year 2025, but it may be even longer, thanks to the careful maintenance and safe operation.

Congratulations to NPP Dukovany to its anniversary with a wish of safe operation for many next years.