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Let 2018 be the year full of invention and success

ČEZ Management Meeting 2017 has emphasised the importance of the SUSEN infrastructure for the ČEZ Group

Completion of the building part of SUSEN project in the Research Centre Řež was put among the greatest achievements of the ČEZ Group in 2017 by Daniel Beneš, chairman of board of directors and managing director of ČEZ a.s. In

The Pilsen NDT Laboratory will use pulse thermography for testing

The Pilsen Nondestructive Testing Laboratory has put in place a thermovision inspection system that works on the principle of pulse thermography – it evaluates the behavior of the body when receiving thermal energy from flash and its re-radiation to the

Meet the ATMEA1 reactor – invitation for a seminar

The Czech Nuclear Society, ÚJV Řež and the Research Centre Řež invite you to a seminar on ATMEA1 reactor, which will take place on Thursday 9th November 2017 from 9.15 am at the ÚJV Řež Conference Centre, Hlavní 130, 250

The manipulator Valentin will be checking the turbine blades

At Pilsen Nondestructive Testing Laboratories, manipulator Valentin development has been completed to look for cracks on the blades of low-pressure parts of steam turbines. The manipulator uses a flexible eddy current probe to measure a stable probe pressure on the

Construction of the SUSEN infrastructure in the Research Centre Řež is completed, the research goes on!

An extensive base of research facilities is now in operation at the Řež nuclear centre near Prague and in the city of Pilsen ● The Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka, the Head of the Directorate-General for Regional and

The SUSEN High Voltage Testing Laboratory has been accredited

The Czech Institute for Accreditation (CIA) has accredited the high-voltage testing laboratory of CVŘ which was built as a part of the SUSEN project. The high voltage testing facility carries out tests in particular electrical cables. Laboratory equipment also includes

The 3D scanning methodology developed in the SUSEN project has succeeded in practice

Various evaluation methods for the creep deformation of pipelines were assessed by ČEZ during the inspection of the high-pressure steam pipeline at the Trmice power plant. In the competition of six different methods, the 3D scanning method used by CVŘ

CVŘ rewarded for the approach to work safety in France

Research Centre Řež and its subcontractor CHEMCOMEX Praha were rewarded for the work safety compliance during the construction of the Jules Horowitz Reactor in Cadarache (France) in the first quarter of the 2017. Trophée Sécurité – Chantier RJH Cadarache (the

Small modular reactors in Czechia?

Don´t miss the CVŘ director Mr. Martin Ruščák interview on the website oEnergetice.cz about Small modular reactors (in czech language) – HERE