Training and Education

Training and Education

DSC_0754_1Centrum výzkumu Řež (CVR) as a knowledge based research organization spreads nuclear technology related knowledge by organizing courses and trainings for universities and industry stakeholders. We keep an “open doors” policy towards the public and particularly in the relation to schools and universities. Research reactors LVR–15, LR–0 and the experimental loop hall are visited each year by hundreds of students. The aim of CVR is to support technological education among the young generation.

CVR at present regularly sends universities updated lists of framework topics for bachelor, masters and doctoral study and offers its own laboratories and experienced consultants. Already many graduate students are going on to work in their chosen field as research assistants at CVR. CVR, in combination with its mother organisation ÚJV Řež a.s, actively supports the activity of the ENEN association (European Nuclear Education Network) and its Czech counterpart CENEN. In addition, new opportunities are opening up for collaboration with universities within the framework of the SUSEN project.

At the beginning of 2011 CVR received approval for a project entitled „Effective knowledge transfer in the framework of the energy sector”, prepared jointly with the Czech Hydrogen Technological Platform (HYTEP) and the Technological platform SUSTAINABLE ENERGY CZECH REPUBLIC within the framework of call 17 in Support Area 7.2.4 ‘Partnership and Networks’.


For specialists and university students CVR offers training courses in which they can practice approaches connected with directing and running atomic facilities. For the general public there are technology tours in which professional guides explain the construction and principles of the functioning of atomic facilities linked to research infrastructure CVR.

Also, you can visit us via technology tours.

Reactors capacity for students

IMG_0088CVR offers Czech university students operating capacity at the experimental LR-0 reactor as part of a project called “Capacity for Ideas”. The total annual capacity on offer amounts to 6 weeks’ operating time free of charge (with full support of reactor operating staff), given that one project may take up 1–3 weeks of reactor time. For professional consultation connected with the project it is possible to use specially selected CVR specialists. Projects are selected by a competition evaluated by a professional committee.