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Recovery/recycling of boric acid with help of membrane processes (reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, electrodeionization ) in nuclear power plants

The project solves concentration of boric acid solutions by membranes processes instead of by evaporation. Membranes separations have not been used so far in relation to the boric acid systems in the power plants but they have been elaborated and used in other fields (food processing industry, sea water desalination).

The project main goals are:

  1. Development of functional sample of reverse osmosis or electrodialysis system and its subsequent application (verified technology) in the nuclear power plants of Dukovany or Temelín.
  2. Systematization of operational data both from a functional sample operation and from subsequent verification of the functional sample in the nuclear power plant which will provide materials for development of membrane separation in operational measure which shall fulfil specific requirements for usage in the boric acid system.

ČEZ, a. s., MEGA, a.s. a VŠCHT in Prague also take part in solving of the project.

The project TA03020905 is solved with financial support from TA ČR.

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