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The technology of gas cleaning and joints sealing for advanced applications in both nuclear and non-nuclear energy.

The project is aimed at research and development of the technologies ensuring joint sealing and gas cleaning. Primarily, the project concentrates on technologies for advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors, namely high temperature (VHTR) and fast (GFR), however, the developed technologies will be usable also for other energy applications, e.g. cleaning of gas and exhausts for non-nuclear sources. The project is focused on development of special sealing guaranteeing maximum leak tightness and thus also minimum leakage (0.2% of the total quantity of helium in the circuit in a day or less) even under higher temperatures. Appliances for continuous separation of undesirable impurities from gaseous coolants (filters, bed with molecule nets etc.) will be developed, optimized and verified further on. Last but not least in the framework of the project an appliance will be designed which will enable capture of the leaked helium from the primary circuit, its regeneration and reuse.

Further participants in the project are the companies EVECO, s.r.o., MICo, spol. s r.o., ÚJV Řež, a.s. and VŠCHT.

The project TA03020850 is solved with financial support from TA ČR.

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