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Material Research

Material research is focused on the study of the behaviour of material used in energy related to the operating conditions.

This research builds on experiences reached previously in NRI. It should be significantly advanced within the SUSEN project. The topic of material research is involved in all of its research programmes.

Technological Experimental Loops
Experimental loops connected to the research reactor LVR-15.
Structural and System Diagnostics
Program mainly involves the life extension of current GII generation NPPs by twenty to forty years and the research activities associated therewith
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Material research in field of processing and storage of radioactive waste.
Material Research
Program dedicated to the research of material behaviour in conditions of high temperatures.

Material Research

The material research is focused mainly on candidate construction materials’ behaviour, to study if these are resistant to proposed operation conditions in fission of new type Gen IV and fusion reactors. CVR laboratories are equipped with facilities where compatibility of the materials with new coolant media such as heavy liquid metals, HLM (Pb, PbBi, PbLi), super critical water (SCW) and helium (He), are tested. Radiation effects and change of material properties under irradiation are also studied. The irradiated material samples can be exposed to a simulated water environment of present and future generation reactors’ (Gen II+III) primary coolant circuits. Several experimental loops go through the experimental reactor LVR-15. CVR also deals with research into fuel coatings. CVR intends to study candidate materials for spent fuel deposits in simulated underground environments.