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Technology Platform “Sustainable Energy for the Czech Republic”

The technology platform “Sustainable Energy for the Czech Republic” was created to provide an institutional tool which could support activities in connection with the research, development and implementation of technologies usable for a sustainable expansion of generation, transmission and consumption of modern forms of energy in the Czech Republic.

The main reason for its establishment was the need to bring together significant business and research organizations in the field of energy technologies. It also aims to facilitate better mutual communication and cooperation in approaching research and development projects andto improve the level of public awareness and information regarding new technologies usable for sustainable development of the generation, transmission and consumption of energy. Furthermore, it aims to provide links with tertiary education organisations and to provide more informed and efficient connection with plans and projects of government energy policies and international framework programs . Its  main goal being to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the field of energy technologies.

The Platform contributes to the coordination of activities of those entities engaged in the research and development of energy technologies and and to the producers and suppliers of the available energy in connection with domestic and foreign programs and financial resources. It ensures a high level of awareness for member entities regarding current projects and trends in the field of modern energy technologies. The Platform defines, represents, supports, defends and promotes the justified and common interests of its members, aiming towards the creation of a suitable environment for the use of modern technologies in the sustainable development of the energy industry. Through the above-mentioned processes and means, the Platform significantly supports activities in the areas of modern energy technologies and ensures their connection among the commercial-industrial, scientific-research and education environments. The project thus displays significant support for sustainable development and competitiveness of the entire branch of the energy sector of the Czech Republic, from research through to industrial application. TPUEs main partners of state administration are:

  • The Research, Development and Innovation Council (an advisory body to the Government of the Czech Republic)
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Grant Agency of the Czech Republic


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