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On 20. 3. 2012 a new European association was ceremoniously launched for entities engaged with 2nd and 3rd generation nuclear power reactors. Thus were crowned long-term efforts to foster the reciprocal collaboration of nuclear power station operators, industrial companies, research centres and technical support organisations for operational safety in the specific area of currently constructed and operated electric stations. These, until recently, operated mainly under projects of the 7th framework programme of the European Commission (NULIFE, SARNET), and sometimes within the framework of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP). Despite its relative youth, the Association already has 50 member organisations from 17 states with others expected to join. Among them are leading energy companies such as EdF, E.ON and ČEZ and research centres such as CEA, NRI, PSI and SCK-CEN. Among the aforementioned members were several European universities and also ETSON – the network of European technical safety organisations. An honorary membership was awarded to JRC, the European Union’s scientific and technical research laboratory, which hosted the event.

It is expected that this important collaboration will be exploited for identification and subsequent implementation of combined opportunities for financing and realizing research projects. Great importance is being placed on the processes of harmonization of national norms. On the technical front NUGENIA is divided into seven areas concerning: safety analyses, heavy accidents, reactor technologies, integrity evaluation, the fuel cycle, innovative systems construction and harmonization. CVR has aligned itself with five of these.