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The Czech Hydrogen Technological Platform (HYTEP) concerns itself the with support of hydrogen technologies. Its interests are aimed mainly towards applications in transport, energy production and consumption, i.e. towards applications in which hydrogen is used as an energy vector, not as a chemical compound (which is its traditional use in the chemical, petrochemical, food, metallurgic and other industries). The Czech Hydrogen Technological Platform coordinates the stance of its members, ensuring that they are informed of potential R&D support (CZ and also EU) and provides support in seeking partnerships, but its principle mission is to support the development of hydrogen technologies and establish a hydrogen economy in CZ. CVR has been a member of the platform since 2011, especially with interest in its current and planned activities in the field of research into high temperature gas-cooled reactors, which may in the future serve for the production of hydrogen.

Furthermore CVR is involved in several research projects concerned with gas cleaning and its influence on materials and components used. Of not least importance is the alliance of CVR and the HYTEP platform under a joint project entitled “Effective knowledge transfer in the framework of the energy sector”, whose main aim is, especially with the help of educational and informative activities, to create partnerships and networks between entities dealing with sustainable energy and also using hydrogen.