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Based on long-term cooperation with the academic community engaged in research in the field of controlled thermonuclear reaction (with the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR at the national level especially) CVR received an offer to join FUSENET Association.

The FUSENET Association is an independent legal entity founded in December 2010 to provide a platform for the coordination of European fusion education activities, as a sustainable continuation of the EU FP7 FUSENET programme. The FUSENET Association stimulates, supports and coordinates fusion education in Europe, with the aim to attract good students to fusion and to provide them with a challenging education in fusion. FUSENET targets students from high school to PhD-level, with a strong emphasis on the university Master level.

Members of FUSENET are universities which provide fusion education as well as research institutes and industry which are involved in Fusion and ITER. CVR joined FUSENET in 2012.

Nowadays, the association has 37 members from 18 European countries, including 4 representatives from Czech Republic.