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The overall objective of the project is the Establishment of a Regional Centre of Competence for VVER Technology and Nuclear Applications (CORONA). The centre will be recognized by the EU nuclear sector and will develop and implement training schemes for VVER specifics in cooperation with local, national and international training and educational organizations.

The essence of the project is to provide a special purpose structure for training and qualification of personnel for serving VVER technology as one of the nuclear power options used in the EU. Such an approach should allow unification of existing VVER related training schemes according to IAEA standards and commonly accepted criteria recognized in the EU. In this regard, the implementation of ECVET ("European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training") in the sectors of nuclear fission and radiation protection is particularly important in all education and training actions under Euratom.

The project structure is based on three general pillars:

  1. Training schemes for different target groups including safety culture;
  2. VVER related knowledge management system, which will accumulate available information;
  3. Technical specification for development of respective premises, facilities, general and special assignment training tools.

CVR is involved in the development of these pillars, as well as in the field of reactor physics and the general public support for education in nuclear energy. The project also envisages the involvement of the research reactor LR0 as one of the training centres.

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