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CANUT_logo_01The Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT) defines the system for long term cooperation in R&D&I among research organizations and significant industrial companies participating in the project through partnership. The Czech Republic’s position in the area of nuclear research has been gradually weakening since the 1990’s and due to the absence of a strategic alliance between top Czech research organizations and industrial companies it has been currently losing ground on countries with a historically lesser nuclear energy tradition (e.g. Argentina). The CANUT Project focuses on solving this disturbing situation through a strategic partnership among the members of the nuclear technologies consortium, where the participating organizations are internationally respected research institutes and industrial companies with a long term tradition. These technologies and nuclear energy safety especially are highly accentuated in the EU’s Strategic research agenda.

Objectives and benefits:

  1. Raising competitiveness of CZ in operating existing nuclear technologies (shorter downtime of existing reactors; lowering production and operating costs; NR operations automation; using modern fuel types; higher efficiency of NPP when using contemporary methods).
  2. Effective involvement of CZ in development of new NR and technologies (new NR development; use of new technologies in the entire fuel cycle; development of new forms of fuel; new methods for increasing NPP efficiency).
  3. Increasing nuclear and radiation safety in CZ nuclear energy field (use of modern security technologies and procedures in NPP operations; lowering the radiation burden on personnel during NR operations and down time; lowering radiation doses on personnel and population in the back part of fuel cycle).

CANUT solves the following needs of the Czech Republic:

  1. Increasing knowledge in all areas of nuclear energy and nuclear safety for the needs of state supervision, as well as operators and suppliers of nuclear technologies.
  2. Increasing competitiveness of CZ in the strategy area of energy self sufficiency and safety.
  3. Improvement of CZ nuclear energy in parameters (supply safety; price competitiveness; affordable for industry and the population; competitiveness in export; sustainability of supply in a long term horizon and environmental consideration).
  4. Leading role of CZ in R&D of new carbon free technologies.
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