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Construction of the SUSEN infrastructure in the Research Centre Řež is completed, the research goes on!

An extensive base of research facilities is now in operation at the Řež nuclear centre near Prague and in the city of Pilsen ● The Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka, the Head of the Directorate-General for Regional and

New hot cells in Řež meet new demands for material research of irradiated materials

Research Centre Řež has opened operation in new hot cells dedicated to full set of testing of material mechanical properties and to material research. The innovative design fulfills all legal requirements and was granted by the State Office for Nuclear

Radioactive samples verified the readiness of the SUSEN Hot Cells

With the help of four radioactive samples with overall activity of 6,6 MBq (60Co) the experts of CVŘ have tested the readiness of the hot cells premises which were designed for work with active materials and built as a part

Research Centre Řež: Sustainable Energy infrastructure (SUSEN) has been fully commissioned

A robust, nuclear technologies focused research infrastructure has been commissioned in Řež and Plzeň● Pre-commercial and commercial research of nuclear technologies ● New laboratories and teams working for important R&D projects of current and future nuclear power generation● R&D od

The 3D scanning methodology developed in the SUSEN project has succeeded in practice

Various evaluation methods for the creep deformation of pipelines were assessed by ČEZ during the inspection of the high-pressure steam pipeline at the Trmice power plant. In the competition of six different methods, the 3D scanning method used by CVŘ

SUSEN Centre – a Chance for Czech Industry and a Future for Young Researchers

Do not miss the interview of Jiří Richter, general manager of the Sustainable Energy – SUSEN Project in the All For Power Magazine. Download (in czech only) HERE.

A successful test of a unique SPECT scanner

CVŘ specialists have developed within the research activities for MMV (Material and mechanical properties) unique device SPECT that allows 3D look inside the small diameter of radioactive samples in order of units to tens of mm. The device can detect

CVŘ offers comprehensive services for the power industry

The second year of Science Research Innovation Conference was held in late February and early March of this year at Brno Exhibition Centre. They gathered representatives from science, academia, major industrial companies and government, who have thus created a platform

New cobalt emitter for SUSEN Gamma irradiation facility

On February 6th 2017 was the Gamma irradiation facility, built within the SUSEN project, equipped by a new cobalt emitter. Gamma irradiation facility is a part of a group of devices simulating possible severe accidents conditions of NPP – the

The Project SUSEN and Czech Technological Research

The paper of Mr. Martin Ruščák, director of Research Centre Řež, desciribes how the technologies, teams and knowledge generated by the Sustainable Energy (SUSEN) project can be made use of by  the Czech and international research communities. Cutting edge technologies