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New safety related control system on LVR-15 reactor

At the end of January 2015, after a four month shutdown, the LVR-15 reactor was started up again. During the shutdown, the prior safety related control system from the year 1990 was replaced by a new one, based on digital technologies. The new safety related control system enables to add some advanced features, e.g. fully automatic regulator of thermal power or digital recording of all operational data. In addition, the new system is more accurate, user friendly and reliable.

The supplier of the new device is Czech Company ZAT Příbram and the main subcontractor is also another Czech based company dataPartner ČB, which developed apparatuses for neutronic performance measurements. The use of the new device for LVR-15 reactor will help to the both of the companies as a first reference and a source of operational experiences needed for subsequent development of control systems for nuclear reactors.

The history of LVR-15 reactor dates back to the year 1957, when the first research nuclear reactor VVR-S with 2 MW thermal performance in former Czechoslovakia in Nuclear Research Institute Řež was commissioned. That reactor successfully operated until year 1987.

Replacing the hardware

New safety related control system on LVR-15 reactor