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Project SUSEN Infrastructure

The existing infrastructure of CVŘ was significantly enhanced through the SUSEN project. The focus of the project requires state-of-the-art research facilities. The SUSEN project is divided into four research programs. Infrastructure is located partly in Řež (UJV Řež site) and partly at the headquarters of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, the project partner.

Experimental SCWR Loop

An experimental circuit with fluid – water at supercritical parameters (pressure 25 MPa, temperature 550 ° C), for testing of cladding materials and other components and materials subjected to very high temperature steam.

Experimental Helium Loop

An experimental circuit with high helium for material testing of reactor components exposed to helium at temperatures up to 1000 °C. The experimental circuit will also be exposed to radiation and mechanical stress.

Experimental CO2 Loop

An experimental loop with supercritical carbon dioxide. The main aim of this facility is to verify the conversion cycle and identify correlations for heat transfer and supercritical CO2.

ITER Facility

Infrastructure for experimental verification and development of new procedures for remote handling for installation, repair and maintenance of systems.

14MeV Neutron Source

The source will be used to study the interaction of neutrons (with energies of 14MeV) with materials especially for fusion applications.

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

A modern fully-equipped laboratory for transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM) electron microscopy. The microscopes are equipped with EDX, WDX and EBSD detectors.

NDE Laboratory

A comprehensively-equipped laboratory for the development of new methods of non-destructive testing of ferritic, austenitic and heterogeneous welded joints. The laboratory offers the possibility to create a body with artificial discontinuities in order to study the degradation process.

LOCA Chamber

A device for the simulation of a LOCA (loss of coolant accident) accident. The LOCA type device is mainly used for testing cables.

Hot Cells Complex

A new complex of 10 hot cells. The cells are equipped with a set of equipment for carrying out mechanical tests (sample preparation area, stress testing machine, impact tester, etc.) as well as to study material microstructure (optical microscope, SEM, etc.).

Cold Crucible Devices

Equipment for thermal treatment of materials which are very difficult to treat by standard procedures or non-standard radioactive materials.

SIMS Laboratory

A laboratory equipped with a high-end secondary ion mass spectrometer are used primarily for accurate detection of ultralow concentrations of substances.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

A comprehensively equipped laboratory for a wide range of material testing. The laboratory is equipped with a sample preparation workshop, a testing machine for low and high-cycle fatigue, stress testing machines, spectrometers, SEM etc.

Welding Laboratory (in Pilsen)

A laboratory for the study of procedures for welding of advanced materials for use in the energy industry. The laboratory infrastructure is a part of the SUSEN project partner, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.